SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting (search engine optimization copywriting) is the process of writing content to appeal to your website visitors but also optimizing it for the search engines.

This can be a delicate balancing act but, when done right, you get the best of both worlds — content that compels people to act while ranking well in the top search engines.

With over 10 years of online copywriting experience, I’m able to seamlessly combine these two distinctive writing fields into copy that’s convincing and built to help you get higher search engine rankings.

Search Engine Copywriting

SEO copywriting works best on certain types of web pages, including:

  • Landing pages (pages that you’re looking to direct search engine traffic to, based on your best keywords)
  • “Squeeze” pages (pages that offer a free gift in exchange for the user’s name and email address)
  • Sales page split testing (where you’re testing two different layouts to see which converts better)
  • Reverse Squeeze pages (pages that give away a freebie, but require the user to opt in if they’d like to continue receiving the rest of the series)

SEO Copywriting Techniques

There are several SEO copywriting techniques that can help your page perform and rank better in the search engines.  These days, it’s about more than just your title, headings and meta tags. It’s about creating content that people can’t wait to share or talk about. In fact, the best SEO copy doesn’t even consciously alert the reader to the fact that it’s fine-tuned for search engines.

It just reads well.  It’s something the reader can relate to.  And they’re hungry to learn more.

Interested in putting an SEO copywriter to work for you?  Click here to tell me more about your website goals and ideas, and let’s work together to improve conversion rates with solid, well-optimized web copywriting.

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