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Everything I Need to Know About Life, I Learned by Being an Entrepreneur

As small business owners, we’re often the catalyst that drives incredible success stories. Whether it’s defying seemingly unsurmountable odds or finally breaking free from the corporate rat race, people look to small businesses for inspiration, motivation, and sometimes as an escape from their own reality. Entrepreneurs are a special class – there’s no doubt about..
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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Lower Bounce Rates – Using WordPress

Reduce Bounce Rates

Looking for ways to fix a high bounce rate? You’re not alone.  Many people see horrendously high numbers (70% or more) and instantly panic – poor bounce rates can have a ripple effect on your search engine rankings and ultimately your sales. But having a high bounce rate isn’t always a bad thing.  For example,..
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Which Comment Management Systems Are the Most SEO Friendly?

Which Comment Managers are the Most SEO Friendly?

If you’re considering using a comment management system such as Disqus, Livefyre or IntenseDebate, you may be wondering which one has the best search engine benefits.  After all, managing comments effectively is one thing – but what good will it do if you can’t track social mentions or Google can’t crawl your comments? Let’s take..
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Setting Up Conversion Goals with Google Analytics

Before you can increase conversion rates, you have to have some idea of what your conversion rate is. Google has three incredibly helpful and FREE tools to make this even easier — Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Website Optimizer. In part one of this three part series, I’ll show you how to set..
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How to Protect Your Blog from an SQL Injection

Protect your blog from SQL injections

SQL injections are one of the fastest-growing and most threatening security concerns for websites and blogs alike.  Not only is an SQL injection one of the easiest attacks that can be launched on a server, it’s also one that leaves your website data and personal information vulnerable. And you may not even know you’re a..
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WordPress Custom Avatars Plugin

Wordpress custom avatars

Have you ever wished you could give the people who comment on your blog a custom avatar that matches your blog design and theme? For many people, blog avatar plugins like Wavatar, Identicon and MonsterID are all they have to choose from in addition to the widely supported Gravatar. But what if stick figure monsters..
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6 Plugins to Increase Conversion Rates using WordPress

Increase conversion rates with Wordpress

Whether you’re using WordPress as a blogging platform or as a content management system, there are a number of helpful plugins you can install which can help increase conversion rates throughout your site.   Whether you want to speed up your blog, see what people are searching for or split test pages in WordPress – these..
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Cracking Open the Idea Vault for Great Blog Content

Blog Content Ideas

Need the motivation or inspiration to write your next blog post?   Try these seven proven topic-starters to help you create great content without sweating over that blank screen.  Keep in mind these aren’t your standard “what I did over summer vacation” or “write a haiku about your last meal” prompts – but real, practical advice-igniters..
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10 Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

Comment Plugins for Wordpress

Need more interaction and participating from your blog readers?  Want to go beyond Akismet and Disqus?  Here are some highly recommended customizable WordPress comment plugins that will help blog comment SEO, change your blog comment design, and encourage visitors to leave comments in exchange for a (potential) backlink to their own site. Comment Rating Let..
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Disqus Alternatives

Alternative to Disqus

When it comes to managing comments on your blog, you either love Disqus or you hate it.  Disqus is a full-scale blog comment management system that works alongside social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, to help encourage and manage discussion within your blog. One of its most popular features is the ability to work..
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