FeedBlitz Promotion Code 2015

Feedblitz promotion code

This FeedBlitz promotion code gives you a free, 60-day trial of FeedBlitz, including its RSS, email marketing and social media services. [big_button color=”blue” url=”https://www.feedblitz.com/f?NewAccount&portal=432557″ desc=”Use Coupon Code FEEDBLITZ60″] Apply FeedBlitz Coupon Code [/big_button] How to Use the FeedBlitz Coupon Code When checking out with FeedBlitz, you’ll be presented with a screen that lets you choose..
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aWeber Coupon Promo Code 2015

This aWeber coupon code lets you save over $30 a year on your email autoresponder account.  Additional discounts are also available for students and non-profit organizations.  [big_button color=”blue” url=”http://freeinfo.aweber.com” desc=”Save Up to $34 a Year Instantly”] Apply aWeber Coupon Code [/big_button] Is There an AWeber Promo Code? There’s good news and bad news regarding the..
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Finally – A Google Wonder Wheel Alternative

Google Wonder Wheel Alternative

Google’s contextual targeting tool is often hailed as an alternative to  Google Wonder Wheel – that helpful visual keyword research tool that had the rug jerked out from under it back in 2011.  Much to the disappointment of search engine optimizers, marketers and specialists, the loss was permanent. Until now.

4 MUST-SEE Feedburner Alternatives for Your Blog

Feedburner alternatives

Since Feedburner has been bought up by Google, many bloggers and coders wonder if it’s even worth the effort to try and create an alternative.  Fortunately, that hasn’t kept them from trying to create some unique plugins and services that do what Feedburner can’t (or isn’t any good at). If you’re tired of Feedburner’s limitations..
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Which Comment Management Systems Are the Most SEO Friendly?

Which Comment Managers are the Most SEO Friendly?

If you’re considering using a comment management system such as Disqus, Livefyre or IntenseDebate, you may be wondering which one has the best search engine benefits.  After all, managing comments effectively is one thing – but what good will it do if you can’t track social mentions or Google can’t crawl your comments? Let’s take..
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How to Protect Your Blog from an SQL Injection

Protect your blog from SQL injections

SQL injections are one of the fastest-growing and most threatening security concerns for websites and blogs alike.  Not only is an SQL injection one of the easiest attacks that can be launched on a server, it’s also one that leaves your website data and personal information vulnerable. And you may not even know you’re a..
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WordPress Custom Avatars Plugin

Wordpress custom avatars

Have you ever wished you could give the people who comment on your blog a custom avatar that matches your blog design and theme? For many people, blog avatar plugins like Wavatar, Identicon and MonsterID are all they have to choose from in addition to the widely supported Gravatar. But what if stick figure monsters..
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Schedule Facebook Posts, Keep Up with Social Networks using Sendible

social media marketing

One of the best ways to build relationships with your customers is to engage them where they currently hang out. But just having a Twitter or Facebook account won’t do you any good if you don’t keep it updated.  Likewise if you send out text message alerts to your mobile and smartphone customers. And if..
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