5 Simple Things You Can Do to Lower Bounce Rates – Using WordPress

Reduce Bounce Rates

Looking for ways to fix a high bounce rate? You’re not alone.  Many people see horrendously high numbers (70% or more) and instantly panic – poor bounce rates can have a ripple effect on your search engine rankings and ultimately your sales. But having a high bounce rate isn’t always a bad thing.  For example,..
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What is Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Should You Care?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a marketing strategy that involves compelling a user to take a desired action on a landing page or website.  Whether it’s subscribing to a mailing list, downloading a product or placing an order, conversion optimization lets website owners focus on the end result they want to achieve and how to..
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7 Things Nobody Ever Tells You about Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is much more than just a marketing buzzword – it’s a specific set of skills and expertise that you can leverage to make continuous improvements to your site and refocus your marketing goals.  With that being said, however, there are a few things that most conversion rate experts prefer to keep quiet about…
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Can Your Domain Name Predict Your Conversion Rate?

Can your domain name predict your conversion rate?

It sounds crazy, but there’s a very real possibility that the domain name you choose for your new online business or project can have a significant impact on conversion rates.  How? To find out, we have to dig a bit deeper into the psychology of what influences a person take one specific action over another…
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Will Google AdWords Image Extensions Increase Conversion Rates?

Google Adwords Image Extensions

The PPC world has been abuzz lately over the recent announcement that Google has released its image extensions program in beta.  Adwords Image Extensions are a special type of pay per click listing currently only available to the top bidder, which allows them to add certain images under their text ads. To further separate them..
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How to Improve Content and Persuade Customers to Act – Starting Now

Content Marketing Plan

How persuasive is your content?  Are you really reaching them on a core “I gotta have this!” level, or just writing stuff you hope they’ll act on? For many website owners, thinking of ways to improve content is like wandering in a fog – they’re not exactly sure what their customers are looking for, so..
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Here’s Why You’re Not Getting the Conversion Optimization Results You Want

If your conversion rate has hit a plateau, or hasn’t been giving you the results you expected – a new survey might be able to shed some light as to why: In a survey recently conducted by Adobe and eConsultancy, just over half of respondents only allocate around 5% or less of their marketing budget..
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How to Increase Conversions with Your PayPal Header

While buying stock photo credits, I came across an interesting and unique PayPal header from DepositPhotos.com.   Rather than a default PayPal logo or company logo, as you see on most checkout pages, DepositPhotos went a step further and used their header to inspire trust, credibility and security:   PayPal Graphics – Header Design Template Graphically-challenged? ..
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Membership Marketing: 3 Proven Ways to Get More Subscribers to Sign Up

Studies have already shown that subscription-based (recurring revenue) models completely crush other e-commerce payment types, including the popular shopping cart – and it’s easy to see why: Everybody wins. The company builds the very things all companies crave:  trust, loyalty, authority and brand awareness.  Their costs, once the up-front work has been done, are next..
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Does Your Website Need an Audit?

Website Reviews, Website Critiques and Blog Reviews

When you hear the word “audit”, what do you think of?  Most people picture a gang of Matrix-esque IRS agents beating down your door and demanding every shred of your receipts.  But at its core, an audit is more like an evaluation, meant to make sure you have reliable, quality systems in place. A website..
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