4 Must-See Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Content marketing can be overwhelming – especially when you’re trying to wrangle it all by yourself.  How do you know which types of content customers respond best to? What should you write about next? How much content is too much? And while a good analytics package can give you details on who’s visiting, from where..
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How to Improve Content and Persuade Customers to Act – Starting Now

Content Marketing Plan

How persuasive is your content?  Are you really reaching them on a core “I gotta have this!” level, or just writing stuff you hope they’ll act on? For many website owners, thinking of ways to improve content is like wandering in a fog – they’re not exactly sure what their customers are looking for, so..
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Here’s Why You’re Not Getting the Conversion Optimization Results You Want

If your conversion rate has hit a plateau, or hasn’t been giving you the results you expected – a new survey might be able to shed some light as to why: In a survey recently conducted by Adobe and eConsultancy, just over half of respondents only allocate around 5% or less of their marketing budget..
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Your Top 5 Content Marketing Challenges Answered (Part 4 of 4)

Content Marketing Strategy

The final hurdle when it comes to content marketing is not so much the marketing itself, but being able to produce a wide range of content for different devices as well as for visitors at different stages in the buying process.  It can seem overwhelming at first with all the new tools to learn (podcasts,..
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Your Top 5 Content Marketing Challenges Answered (Part 3 of 4)

Selling Content Marketing to Upper Management

The third largest content marketing challenge that marketers have to deal with is the lack of vision from the higher-ups in the company.  It’s not as large of a percentage as those struggling to engage prospects, or even being able to produce enough content (or have enough of a budget to hire someone else to..
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Your Top 5 Content Marketing Challenges Answered (Part 2 of 4)

Content Marketing Budget

Challenge #2 and #3 – Having Enough Time/Money to Produce Content Numbers 2 and 3 go hand-in-hand, because it seems like you have to have too much of one and not enough of the other to get things done.  A lot of people outsource content marketing thinking they’ll get lucky and hit that viral sweet-spot..
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Your Top 5 Content Marketing Challenges Answered

Content Marketing Road Map

You know you should be involved in marketing content that’s designed to increase conversions, but you’re stuck.  Maybe senior management doesn’t buy into the whole “content as a marketing tool” idea, or perhaps you’re just having trouble coming up with original ideas or finding the time to leverage your best articles and blog posts. But..
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Content Curation 101

Content Curation Tools

With so many feeds, blogs, posts and updates to keep track of on the web, content curation was inevitable. Put simply, content curation means actively discovering and sharing the best news, tools and reviews in your industry.  Much like the way a museum curator helps maintain and manage a permanent collection while deciding what to..
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