10 Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

Comment Plugins for WordPressNeed more interaction and participating from your blog readers?  Want to go beyond Akismet and Disqus?  Here are some highly recommended customizable WordPress comment plugins that will help blog comment SEO, change your blog comment design, and encourage visitors to leave comments in exchange for a (potential) backlink to their own site.

Comment Rating

Let your visitors and readers moderate comments on your blog with a simple Like/Dislike rating system. Comments that have a lot of dislikes or are heavily debatable can be hidden in a “click to see” manner.  Both a Basic and Pro version are available, with the Pro version giving you more control over styling and disabling voting restrictions (such as only allowing one vote per IP address to discourage abuse of the system).

Click Here to Download the Comment Rating Plugin for WordPress


A highly popular plugin that greatly encourages the number of comments left on your blog.  As they leave a comment, the CommentLuv plugin visits their site behind the scenes and retrieves their latest blog post, twitter tweet or Digg submission with a link to it at the bottom of their comment.   A great way to encourage backlinks and enhance the amount of participation on your blog.

Click Here to Download the CommentLuv Comment Plugin for WordPress

WP Paginate

Originally written to give your blog a page by page navigation for recent and previous posts, WP Paginate can now also handle comments by separating them into separate pages.  If you’ve got a particularly intense blog post that’s getting a stream of comments, you’ll want to have this handy comment plugin on hand for easier reading!

Click Here to Download the WP Paginate Comment Plugin for WordPress

Absolute Comments

If you’re tired of having to go to each and every post in order to moderate comments, the Absolute Comments plugin is a great solution.  This way, you can moderate blog comments seamlessly from a single area within your WordPress admin dashboard, saving you a heap of time in the process!

Click Here to Download the Absolute Comments Plugin for WordPress

Quote Comments

Have you ever seen a blog where a person commented just in reply to someone else?  All those comment posts can quickly add up and create a stack of comments that leave your visitors confused.  The Quote Comments plugin helps keep things organized by including a Quote button at the end of every comment.  If a reader wants to say something in response to another person’s comment, they can do it without disrupting the overall flow of other people’s comments to your post.

Click Here to Download the Quote Comments Plugin for WordPress

No Comment

If you have several administrators of a single blog, or you’re the administrator of several blogs, you can imagine the amount of comment notifications you get on a daily basis. Use this helpful, lightweight plugin to filter out which admins shouldn’t receive comment notifications. This way, each blog administrator can selectively decide whether or not they wish to receive an email when new comments are added to their blog(s).

Click Here to Download No Comment Plugin for WordPress

[toggle state=”open” title=”Related Plugin”] If you’d rather have the author of that particular post receive the comment notifications, you can download the Moderation Notify Author plugin to help the author keep updated when new comments are ready to be moderated for their post. [/toggle]

WP Comment Remix

A whole host of comment management features that you can customize and turn on or off, including replies to individual posters, most active discussions, most active commenters, remove trackback spam and more.

Click Here to Download WP Comment Remix

Live Comment Preview

Let your visitors see how their comment will appear as they type it. Very helpful for coding related or how-to sites, where certain formatted comments can look jumbled and disorganized.

Click Here to Download Live Comment Preview

Subscribe to Comments – Reloaded

A fully-featured subscription manager for WordPress. Let visitors selectively subscribe and unsubscribe from comments on different posts.  As an administrator, you can also choose not to let visitors subscribe to comments on specific posts if you wish. To help prevent spam, you can also require visitors to double opt-in, much in the same way as you would with an email list.

Click Here to Download Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Sticky Comments

Highlight fresh ideas and new perspectives from your blog commenters. This plugin lets you make comments “sticky” and changes the order to have the sticky comments appear at the top.  You can also change the order of your comments to newest or oldest first, and denote the “sticky” ones with an icon or image.

Click Here to Download Sticky Comments

Bonus Comment Plugin

NextGen Gallery Comments

Selectively display visitor comments on your photo gallery or portfolio.

Click here to download NextGen Photo Gallery Comments

What Would You Add?

Got a favorite comment plugin that I’ve missed? Tell me about it below in the comments.



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  1. Love these tips! I am going to install some today hopefully. One question – how do you feel about adding all these plugins? I don’t want to bog my site down w/ too many. Also – wondering what you think about putting a floating subscribe bar in wordpress

    • Hi Micky,
      I don’t think you should add ALL of them to your site — just pick and choose the ones that are most relevant for your audience. You’re right, too many plugins will slow things down, and they could conflict with each other or future versions of WordPress. It’s a bit of a balancing act!

      Regarding the subscribe box in the sidebar – my advice would be to split-test it and see what kind of results you get!

  2. I like your advice and the collection of comment plugins…thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  3. I made some styling for wp-paginate and wp-pagenavi check it out on codecanyon

  4. Hi Josh, I only use “Subscribe to Comments” to let people subscribe if they want answers to their questions. Otherwise, I don’t use a comment management software because I find that they detract from the user’s experience and ease of use on the website.

  5. This list is fantastic. Only problem is I want them all; which to choose? (I feel like a kid in a candy shop) If I could only pick one I’d go with CommentLuv. It seems like the best choice for quickly raising interest in a new blog.

  6. Hello Sherice,

    I Like comment system used here http://www.mybloggertricks.com/2014/02/does-google-penalize-itself.html . Do you happen to know if there is a plugin available for this. I will appreciate your help.

    Thank you!

  7. I am just using http://wordpress.org/plugins/audio-comments/ and it works great for me.

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